Unit 9 The Fantastic Shoemaker English Notes

Unit 9 The Fantastic Shoemaker English Notes for Class 9th Urdu Translate, comprehension, multiple-choice questions, vocabulary, and grammar.

The Fantastic Shoemaker English Notes

  • What are the things you should keep in mind before buying shoes?
  • What kind of shoes do you like?

Where do you buy your shoes from?
I first met him in my youthful days in the holy month of Ramadan, when my father took me to his shop for ordering a pair of new shoes for the coming Eid.
His shop was in a small but busy street of Qisa khwani Bazar.
A monstrous size black “Peshawari chappal” overhung on the faint coloured wooden door of his shop.
The inside of the shop was a quiet and serene as that of a sacred holy place.
There were some old wooden stools and in the window some pairs of shoes were visible.
A big smooth square shaped stone, a heavy wooden mallet, an awl and three legged anvil can be observed in the right side of the shop.
The rest of the shop was as barren as desert because he made only those pairs of shoes that were ordered.

Unit 9 The Fantastic Shoemaker English Notes for Class 9th

At the far end of wall of the shop, was hanging a small signboard, showing “Zarin Gul & Brothers”.
The shoes that Zarin Gul made, never failed to fit in the feet and they lasted extraordinarily longer than usual.
To make shoes – such shoes as he made – seemed to me then and seems to me now, mysterious and wonderful.
I still remember my hesitant remarks, while stretching out to him my youthful foot “Isn’t it off early hot to make shoes in such tough conditions?”

The serpentine wrinkles wriggled on his smiling face and he answered, “It is an art”.
Zarin Gul remarks about shoes making and their suitability to different people were so authoritative and final that nobody dared reject them.

My father, though chieftain of the area, would accept his views about a particular pair of shoes with brisk nod.
It was not possible to go to him often because there was something in his shoes that was beyond the temporary.
It would not be wrong to say that durability was stitched into them.

I cannot forget that day on which i had to say to him, “Zarin Gul kaka, my last pair of shoes makes a creaking sound, you know”.

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