Three Days to See Chapter 12 Federal Class 9 English Notes 2021

Three Days to See Unit 12 Federal Class 9 English Notes 2021, summary, translation, full text, analysis, vocabulary, three days to see questions answers of the unit.

Three Days to See Chapter 12 Federal Class 9 English Notes 2021
Three Days to See Chapter 12 Federal Class 9 English Notes 2021

Helen Keller Three Days to See Summary, Question,

Q.1) Who was Helen Keller?

Helen Keller was a woman who, due to an illness, became deaf and blind when she was 19 months old. She was a remarkable woman who has many publications to her credit.

Q.2) Describe the thought expressed by the author in the first paragraph.

The author expressed her thought in the first paragraph that it would be an excellent rule to live each day as if we were going to die tomorrow. Such an attitude would emphasize the value of life.

Q.3) What makes you feel that the author is sad and depressed?

I feel that the author is sad and depressed when she asked her friend about any notable thing which she has observed while walking in the woods and her friend replied “nothing.” She is sad and depressed because people who are blessed with the sense of sight just ignore the beauty of nature around them, instead of appreciating it in a true sense.

Q.4) How do you get an impression that Hellen Keller was a great admirer of Nature?

Hellen Keller was a great admirer of nature. We get this impression when she admired the rising sun and the pageant of the seasons and trees. 

Q.5) People who are deprived of sight not devoid of imagination. Discuss, referring to the text.

The author is deprived not only of sight but also hearing. These weaknesses didn’t hinder her imagination. She is still having a better imagination. She can still see the thrilling miracle by which night is transformed into day.  

Q.6) “To me the pageant of seasons is an unending drama”, Comment.

In this line, the author describes the interest she has in the endless changes of nature. 

Comprehension – B

Q.1) Read the life history of Helen Keller. Arrange the details  in chronological order:

Helen Adams Keller was born on June 27, 1880, in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Keller was not born blind and deaf; ft was not until she was 19 months old that she contracted an illness. In March 1887, Anne Sullivan began to teach Helen to communicate by spelling words into her hand. Starting in May 1888, Keller attended the Perkins Institute for the Blind. In 1894. Helen Keller moved to New York to attend the Wright-Humason School for the Deaf. In 1896, she returned to Massachusetts and Keller entered The Cambridge School for Young Ladies before gaining admittance, in 1900, td Radcliffe College. In 1904, at the age of 24, Keller graduated from Radcliffe, becoming the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.  

Keller wrote The World I Live In in 1908 giving readers an insight into how she felt about the world. Out of the Dark, a series of essays on socialism was published in 1913. Her spiritual autobiography, My Religion, was published in 1927
Keller suffered a series of strokes in 1961 and spent the last years of her life at her home. On September 14, 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In 1965 she was elected to the National Women’s Hall of Fame at the New York World’s Fair. Keller died in her sleep on June 1, 1968, at her home.

1880: Helen Keller was born
1887: Sullivan began to teach Hellen.
1888: Keller attended the Perkins Institute for the Blind
1894: Helen Keller moved to New York to attend the Wright-Humason School for the Deaf.
1896: She returned to Massachusetts
1900: Keller got admitted in Radcliffe College
1904: Keller graduated from Radcliffe
1908: Helen wrote “The World I Live In”
1913: Series of Essays on socialism was published.
1927: Her spiritual autobiography, My Religion, was published
1961: Keller suffered a series of strokes
1964: President Lyndon B. Johnson awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
1965: she was “elected to the National Women’s Hall of Fame at the New York World’s Fair.
1968: Keller died.

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Q.A) Consult a dictionary to find the meanings of the given words

sluggish, quiver, animate, panorama, buoyant, dormant manifold, convolutions, kaleidoscopic, epicurean, impending


SluggishLacking energy
QuiverTremble or shake with a slight rapid motion
AnimateAlive or having life
PanoramaA complete survey or presentation of a subject.
BuoyantCheerful and optimistic.
DormantTemporarily inactive
ManifoldMany and various
ConvolutionsA coil or twist
Kaleidoscopehaving complex patterns of colors
Epicureana disciple or student
impendingbe about to happen

Q.C) For each of these words from the passage, give one word or short phrase which has the same meaning.

emphasize ( line 2)
lush (line 43)
appreciative (line 10)
pageant (line21)


emphasizegive emphasis to


Q.A) Complete the following conditionals.

1. If I were the education minister______________________
2.  If you had a degree______________________
3. ______________________ you would get first position.
4. If he stopped smoking______________________
5. We could win the match ______________________          


  1. I would change the system.
  2. you would have got the job.
  3. If you worked hard
  4. he would recover
  5. If we played well.

Q.B) Make three Conditionals Type II sentences.

If I were a millionaire, I would build a castle.
If I were the Queen of England, I would make everyone rich.
If I got Aladdin’s lamp, I would have a world tour with my family..

Q.C) Match the halves to make complete sentences.

If you had not drunk water from that wellyour teeth would go bad.
If you eat sweets all the timeyou might hit somebody’s head.
If you don’t use a mosquito netyou may fa II off.
If you don’t keep food in the fridgeyou may catch malaria
If you cycle with things in your handit will go bad in hot weather.
If you wave the stick in the airyou wouldn’t have fallen in.


If you had not drunk water from that wellyou wouldn’t have fallen in
If you eat sweets all the timeyour teeth would go bad.
If you don’t use a mosquito netyou may catch malaria
If you don’t keep food in the fridgeit will go bad in hot weather.
If you cycle with things in your handyou may fall off.
If you wave the stick in the might hit somebody’s head.

Q.D) Pick out simple, compound and complex sentences from the text.

Simple Sentences:
Such an attitude would emphasize sharply the values of life.
I feel the delicate symmetry of a leaf.
I am delighted to have the cool waters of a brook rush through my open fingures.
Compound Sentences:
In stories, the doomed hero is usually saved at the last minute by some stroke of fortune, but almost always his sense of values is changed.
He becomes more appriciative of the meaning of life and its permanent spirtual values.
The second revealed to me the history of man and nature.
Complex Sentences:
If I were the president of a university , I should establish a compulsory course in ” How To Use Your Eyes”.
I might have been incredulous had I not been accustomed to such responses, for long ago
I became convinced that the seeing see little.

Q.E) Identify and write the simple, compound and complex sentence in the given column.He came to see me, but I was not present at home. 

He came to see me, but I was not present at home.                                 
She wrote an article in the newspaper. 
We shall die one day or the other for we are immortal. 
They finished the work in time. 
My mother always prays for my success. 
They serve God well who serve His creatures. 
I called him but he gave me no answer. 
A guest who stays a long time is not welcomed. 
I soon returned home because I was upset. 


He came to see me, but I was not present at home.compound
She wrote an article in the newspaper.simple
We shall die one day or the other for we are immortal.complex
They finished the work in time.simple
My mother always prays for my success.simple
They serve God well who serve His creatures.complex
I called him but he gave me no answer.compound
A guest who stays a long time is not welcomed.complex
I soon returned home because I was upset.compound

Q.F) Identify hyphens and dashes in the following sentences and mark in the relevant box.

1. The injured woman is thirty-five years old.
2. You are the friend-the only friend-who offered to help me.
3. This is very important-are you listening to me?
4. Samina ate three-quarters of a large size pizza.
5. Mr. Aziz a well – known person in town
6. We went the USA – and met a very old friend there
7. My neighbor wanted us – my daughter, my son, and me – to meet her guests
8. My great – grandfather owned a big house in his home town 


The injured woman is thirty-five years old.You are the friend – the only friend – who offered to help me.
Samina ate three-quarters of a large size pizza.This is very important – are you listening to me?
Mr. Aziz is a well-known person in townWe went the USA – and met a very old friend there.
My great-grandfather owned a big house in his hometown My neighbor wanted us – my daughter, my son and me – to meet her guests

Writing Skills

Q.A) What does  the author mean by saying the seeing see little Explain in a paragraph

The five senses play a significant role in the life of an individual. But there are occasions when a person blessed with eyesight ignores the exquisiteness of the natural world around him. It is also possible that a person who is having a good sense of hearing may not pay attention to the sweet singing of the birds. This all happens because such individuals take these blessings for granted without giving them much weight.

The author means by saying “the seeing see little” that the ones who are blessed with the sense of sight mostly do not take into account the splendor around them, they are unable to notice the different hues and forms of the clouds or the transformation of night into a daytime with the rising of the golden sun. On the other hand, those who cannot see with their eyes have the power to see with their hearts by using the extraordinary sense of touch.
Considering both the above cases, we should be thankful to Allah Almighty for the blessings he has bestowed us.

Q.B) What is the epicurean motto? Discuss.

The epicurean motto is “eat, drink and be merry” It is also known as hedonism, the philosophy of good living. The epicurean motto was presented by Epicurus who was a Greek philosopher, famous for denying the existence of God and life after death. The focal point of the epicurean motto was “fine living.”
It stresses on the subject matter of just eating good and living a cheerful life without any tension and worries. According to him, we should live our life to its fullest as we are not sure to see the dawn of the following day with our eyes. He further said that we should enjoy each and every instant of our lives as no one knows that what will happen if he dies the next moment.

Q.C) Write a paragraph on the difficulties of a special child.

Allah has blessed every single individual with five basic senses, whereas there are a number of people on this earth who cannot enjoy all five. Some are deaf, some blind, some handicapped etc but it does not mean that they think themselves as useless beings, as an alternative they are blessed with some other qualities which make them SPECIAL in a true sense.

‘Special Child’ is the terminology that speaks for itself meaning by such a child is very special and needs special attention from the people associated or concerned about him/her. Children with severe special needs consume enormous amounts of time, energy, and money from their parents.

The society we are living in considers special children a burden on the parents’ shoulders. A special child has to face several difficulties to survive and prove a constructive member of society. One of the major difficulties that come in the way of the normal living of a special child is the weird, sarcastic looks of the people when he moves into society. Secondly, the problem of getting “Education” is of considerable importance as there are a few first-class schools which are imparting quality education to special children.
Even if special children succeed in the field of education, the next step to reach the top of the mountain of their success is getting a good and appropriate job for themselves.

Later in life, marriage is another complexity that stands in the way of a special child when he/she grows up.  
As a matter of fact, the life of a special child is really hard to lead but Allah Almighty loves His creations more than 70 mothers that’s why He never lets them down at any cost.

Q.D) Read any of these texts written by Hele Keller and write a book review 

1) The story of my life
2) The world i live in

“The Story of My Life” is a spectacular piece of literature written by a very respectable and legendary figure Helen Keller.
The book is a true picture of determination and enthusiasm demonstrated by a deaf and blind person to lead a successful life. Helen was very much impressed by her first teacher Anne Sullivan. She shared her life experiences that how difficult it is for a special child to lead a life under stress. The book has two sections; the first part is related to her earlier life experiences whereas the second part contains the letters written by Helen Keller to her beloved ones during 1887 – 1901. The book is an inspirational source especially for the ones who are special by any means.

Review – Comprehension

Q.1) Describe some qualities of the personality of the nurse in the story.

The nurse was honest and sincere to her profession. She was determined to do her job. She was caring and kind-hearted that she felt the pain of victims. She was wise and used every kind of devices to save the patient. She is an optimist and always ready to face the challenges. She is proud of her profession.

Q.2) What are the causes of drug addiction?

Drug addiction is caused by environmental factors. A few important environmental factors that may cause drug addiction are bad peer influence and troubled domestic background. When young people remain in a bad company and do experiments in the name of adventure, they may fall a prey to addiction.

Q.3) What is the role of counseling in preventing drug addiction ?

The proper counseling plays a vital role in the rehabilitation of drug addicts. The sooner it is done, the better for the victim.

Q.4) What are the responsibilities of the families to ensure complete recovery of such patients?

Families are responsible to watch strictly and counsel the victim for better motivation and adjustment.

Q.5) How do you define noise pollution?

Noise pollution is defined as any form of noise that disrupts the normal functioning of life.

Q.6) How is transport a source of noise pollution?

Transport is a source of noise pollution as rehabilitation honks on the roads. They create noise that disrupts and irritates people.

Q.7) What kind of precautions may reduce noise coming from electronic devices?

Electronic devices produce damaging sounds which are freely audible. Louder music and listening to TV on high volume should be strictly prohibited. The government should frame rules which should strictly be implemented and enforced to reduce noise pollution.

Q.8) Who was Helen Keller?

Helen Keller was blind and deaf after an illness. Later, Anna Sullivan took charge of her at the age of seven years. She graduated at the age of 20 from Perkins school for blinds.

Q.9) What did she want to introduce in universities and why?

She wanted to introduce a compulsory course, “How to Use Your Eyes”. She was blind herself but her imagination was stronger than people with sight. She wanted to show her pupils how they could add joy to their lives by seeing what passes unnoticed before them. She wanted her pupils to awaken their dormant and sluggish faculties.

Q.10) “To me the pageant of seasons is an unending drama”, Comment

This means that the change is a must in every chore we do as it not only breaks monotony but adds a new color in our lives. Every moment that passes requires a change. We are observant of sensing change since our childhood, change in voice, change in liking/disliking, change in features, etc. Allah Almighty also likes change that’s why he smoothly transforms night into day, seed into a fruit; one season quietly makes a shift into another one. Change in seasons is an everlasting natural phenomenon. This change is giving a clear indication of Allah’s natural law that there is no one except Him who can govern the world in the true sense. There is not a single place on this Earth where the changes in season cannot be observed. It is one of the vital blessings of Allah Almighty on His creation. This change is there on this Earth from its formation and will remain till the end of it.

Review – Writing Skills

Q.A) Write a unified paragraph on any social issue/topic.

  • Show a clear topic sentence
  • Supporting details (examples, definition, comparison, clarification or explanation) to develop the main idea.
  • Appropriate pronoun-antecedent relationship and transitional devices within the paragraph.
  • Order of arranging details, e.g. general to specific and sequential, etc.

Street Crimes in Pakistan
‘Street crime’ is a terminology that refers to any criminal offense in a public place. Robbery – often called ‘mugging’ – and thefts from victims in the street where their property is snatched and the victims are not assaulted are also considered street crimes.

Street crime in Pakistan has developed over the past few years to a great extent. It is one of the biggest problems in almost every city in the country. The reason behind this evil act is poverty on one side and the materialistic approach of the masses took the place on the other side of the see-saw of this game. Mostly the youth of the country is involved in street crimes.
The solution of this grave issue lies not only in stern action against these criminals but also in educating the youth against these crimes and providing them with adequate social status and job opportunities

The crimes are taking a toll on the mental health of the city dwellers. Health experts say that street crimes are the main cause of the increase in psycho patients besides the incidents of suicide and divorce. With the increase in street crimes, the sense of insecurity among all the classes of society has also risen.
The government should take firm and sustainable steps to end criminal gangs operating in the country and end the growing feeling of insecurity amongst the masses.

Q.B) Write any expository composition showing comparison and contrast between things, events, situations, places, action, idea or problem.

What’s better — Movie or book?

The world we are living in is no doubt “a world of interaction, communication, and technology.” The more you get into the latest techniques or use gadgets of modern life, the more you are considered to be a knowledgeable or an up-to-date individual. There are numerous ways of gaining knowledge and be informed but the most eminent are the books and the movies. It is somewhat not an easy task to select the best one for you but, in my point of view, it is the book that has unquestionable benefits.

The first and the foremost advantage of reading a book is to improve your vocabulary. This not only helps you in writing but gives a marvelous boost to your speaking talent as well.
Secondly, if you are feeling stressed because of any reason, the swiftest, most economical and straightforward way to release your tension is reading. It transports you to a world of dreams and fantasy thus helping you forget your tension, problems, and worries for a while.

Coming towards the next point, it is an ultimate path towards the destination of intelligence and prudence. A good book provides you a vast canvas to think artistically and imagine.
Last but not least, the fact which makes a book better choice for acquiring knowledge is that it is an inexpensive approach as well as has no obstacle of place or electricity.

Q.C) Write an essay on a general subject

Educational problems in Pakistan

Pakistan is a solitary state that is achieved on the name of Islam and its principles of life and Islam is the only religion that gives utmost significance to education with the use of the word ‘Iqra’ which means knowledge. The Holy Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) had enjoined his followers to the farthest point in the pursuit of knowledge. In other words, we can simply say that education should be considered as the right arm for the development, progress, and prosperity of Pakistan. We are the people who invited hard luck to strike us with our negligence and nonserious mindset in the field of education.

In my opinion, there are no education problems in Pakistan other than “Education is a problem in Pakistan.” Let me elaborate on my point of view. The first thing that rings a bell in the mind of any sensible person is that why there is a clear discrimination in the system of education in Pakistan with the titles of “English medium” and “Urdu medium” schools? There should be one system that has to be followed throughout the country to prove equality.
Secondly, the politicians just see Pakistan with the eyes of their regional supremacy other than national integrity. That’s why one can see an obvious difference between the education system of Baluchistan and the education system of Punjab.

Now coming towards the third point that is under consideration is the fund allocation by the government to the educational sector. It is only 1.5 to 2.0 percent of the total GDP whereas it should be around 7% of the total GDP. Sometimes funds are allocated even than they are not utilized for the betterment of the concerned sector because of the corruption factor which is, unfortunately, prevailing in every department of the country.
Education is one of the top list businesses of Pakistan. The reason behind is the fee structure that is developed by the private schooling system. There is no check and balance by the government on this aspect of such schools. “The higher the fees, the better the school” is the criteria engraved in the minds of the people of Pakistan which should be corrected on an urgent basis.

Although it is quite difficult to conclude such an alarming issue of Pakistan, it should be given top priority by the government officials to raise the level of standard, equality, and literacy in the country. 

Q.D) Write a formal letter to people in an extended social and academic environment for various purposes. Write the address on the envelope clearly in the proper format.

Examination Hall                                 City A.B.C.
                                                                                                                    December 10, 2015
The Director
National Logistics Cell (NLC)
Providing safety and appropriate outfits to Labor

Dear Sir
It is stated that being a student of Grade 9, on daily basis I have to travel to reach my school. In my locality, a lot of construction work is in progress both residential and road expansion too.
On my way, I have observed that people who we call “labor” are working under the scorching sun without suitable outfits, glasses, gloves, helmets etc. Some contractors don’t even bother to provide the hard-working souls a shady area to relax or a water cooler to quench their thirst.
Even if any accidents happen at such sites, they offer no compensation to the affected people. I want to put forward certain suggestions, which if implemented will hopefully facilitate the laborers at work. Firstly, the government should formulate a law that the contractors are bound to provide appropriate protective gear to the laborers. Secondly, if any of the laborers face any accidents, they should provide an incentive for that labor as well as to his family.

Yours sincerely,

Q.E) Write and  revise applications to people in extended enviorment  using correct format , layout and tone 

The Director
Child Protection Agency
Subject: Application for Eradicating Child labor from the Society

Respected Sir,
It is stated that child labor is becoming one of the major problems at the societal as well as national level. All over the world, different nations are giving utmost importance to the concerned issue whereas in Pakistan it seems that poor children are born just to serve other people doing trivial jobs.
In order to fix this grave issue, the government/concerned authorities should take firm steps to eradicate this wickedness performed by the ignorant people of society. There should be a law mandatory for everyone to observe; that no child under the age of 15 should be sent on errands to earn money for their families. If someone found liable for sending the kids on a job, there should be a definite monetary as well as physical punishment for that person. There should be some non-profit schools or vocational institutes to educate the children of the poor and needy people. In this way, they would be able to serve the nation in a constructive way at a young age.
I hope you would act upon the proposal soon.

Yours obediently,
Dated: December 10, 2015

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