Noise in the environment 9th class English Notes federal board

Noise in the environment 9th class English Notes federal board, Vocabulary, English notes for class 9 pdf, short and long question, and summary, noise in the environment.

Noise in the environment 9th class English

Comprehension Noise in the environment

Q.1) How do you define noise pollution?

Noise pollution can machinery as “the factors which generate noise in the environment and have an adverse impact on the lives and health of the residents.”

Q.2) How is transport a source of noise pollution?

Transport is one of the major sources of noise pollution because of the annoying horns of the vehicles, and the transport and equipment at construction sites causing grilling and piercing sounds.  

Q.3) How is construction work a cause of noise pollution

Construction work is a cause of noise pollution as the machinery used for the construction work produces noise.

Q.4) How is use of technology causing noise pollution?

We are living in the world of technology, due to which we now exist in a “global village”. Undoubtedly, on one hand, technology has constructed our lives in a positive way. But on the other hand, the same as it can also be held responsible for the dreadful impact on the mental and physical health of mankind. One of the most significant drawbacks of excessive use of technology in our lives is the problem of noise pollution. Excessive use of mobiles, vehicles, construction work, and equipment, a large number of factories, watching T.V and listening to music on high volume, use of electronic generators, unwarranted honking of horns contribute truly to causing noise pollution in the environment.

Q.5) Why is noise dangerous for human health?

Noise is dangerous for human health as it has a negative impact on human beings. Noise pollution produces illness such as aggression, irritation, hearing loss, restlessness, depression, and insomnia.

Q.6) What kind of precautions may reduce noise coming from electronic devices?

Electronic devices are causing noise pollution to a great extent nowadays in city life. Therefore, precautionary measures should be taken at the individual, collective and governmental level to reduce noise pollution. One of the best ways to control noise pollution from electronic devices is to put a ban on the use of generators in residential areas. Secondly, a law should be enforced which states that people living in a closely-knit environment should not watch T.V. or listen to music in a loud voice exceeding the permitted volume in decibels. At public places like hospitals, schools, offices etc, it should be mandatory for everyone either to switch off their mobiles or put them on silent mode so not to disturb others or create noise pollution. People should avoid the use of vacuum cleaners, juicers, blenders, etc. at their homes on daily basis.

Comprehension – C unique notes for 9th class

Q.1) In paragraphs 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 the writer is describing the cause, effect, and solution of noise pollution. Identify and summarize these.

Noise pollution is one of the alarming issues of the present times. There are numerous factors which can easily be held responsible for creating noise pollution in the environment such as massive traffic flow (land and air), irresponsible attitude of residents while using electronic appliances, community’s expansion near airports and railway stations are a few of them. Construction work in urban areas is a building block in noise pollution. Misuse of technology is also a cause of noise pollution. People do not bother to put their mobiles on silent mode at hospitals, schools, colleges, etc. Some people are in a habit of listening to music or watching television at loud volume creating a disturbance in the environment.

The hazardous effects of noise pollution not only damage the environment but indicate obvious harmful signs on the residents’ health. Some of the ailments caused by noise pollution include hypertension, aggression, increased levels of stress, hearing loss, depression, insomnia, anxiety, emotional stress, etc. To overcome the issue of noise pollution, the government should take certain steps to ensure a healthy environment for the citizens. e.g. smooth traffic flow, block noise emitting vehicles, use noise barriers, etc.


Q.A) Write the synonyms of the following words.

disrupts (Para 1)
rapid (Para 3)
unmonitored (Para 5)
nuisance (para 2)
piercing (para4)


Q.B) How many words can you form from these root words.


Pollute: pollution, polluter, polluted, pollutant, polluting, pollutive

Construct: construction, constructed, constructive, constructional, constructing, constructible

Develop: development, developed, developing, developer, developable, developability

Q.C) Choose five words you have made from the root words and use them in sentences.            

1) Pollution: People living in the cities are facing the problem of pollution to a great extent.
2) Construction: Some construction work is going on nearby my house that’s why it is not possible for me to concentrate on my studies.
3) Development: We should work hard for the development of our country.
4) Developing: The field of fashion designing is developing by leaps and bounds in Pakistan.
5) Constructive: Every one of us should play a constructive role to raise the standing of Pakistan in the international scenario.


Q.A) Identify transitional devices in paragraphs 8 and 9


Q.C) Underline Adverb Clauses in the following sentences. Also encircle the subordinating conjunctions.

1. You may sit wherever you like.
2. He will pass if he works hard.
3. We shall wait here until you come.
4. I did not buy it because it was very expensive.
5. Do it before you forget.


  1. wherever you like.
  2. if he works hard.
  3. until you come.
  4. because it was very expensive.
  5. before you forget.

Q.D) Supply suitable Adverb Clauses.

1. Nobody Sikes him_____________________________________
2.She sings exactly______________________________________
3. I will not go out______________________________________  
4. It shall remain_________________________________________.
5. _________________________________ , I spoke to his brother.


  1. because he is naughty.
  2. like they have taught her.
  3. because I am tired.
  4. here until she returns to pick it up
  5. Because he was unavailable

Q.E) Use the following Subordinating Conjunctions in sentences.


She has not called me since she went abroad.
They will not forgive him unless he appologizes .
He loves the children, though they annoy him.
I stayed in contact with them while they were away.
He did not go to school as he was ill.
My father gave me a watch when I turned thirteen.
Do call me after you talk to her.

Q.F) Identify and write these clauses in the relevant columns of the table.

1. Asif plays hockey as he enjoys it.
2. Shazia could not catch the bus because she was late.
3. Ali could not finish the Mathematics test on time although he knew all the sums.
4. Arifa quickly ate her lunch as she was very hungry.
5. Harris is back from work so he must take a rest.
6. You must work hard if you want to succeed in life.

No. Independent clause

1. Asif plays hockey

2. Shazia could not catch the bus

3. Ali could not finish his test of mathematics on time

4. Arifa quickly ate her lunch

5. Harris is back from work

6. You must work hard

Dependent clause

as he enjoys it

because she was late

although he knew all the answers

as she was very hungry

so he must take rest

if you want to succeed in life

Q.G) Read the following sentences and tick the right adverbial clause given in brackets.

1. The train left the station as Asad arrived. (Adverbial clause of place, adverbial clause of time)
2. You can put it wherever you like, (adverbial clause of place, adverbial clause of reason)
3. After the thief had stolen money, he left home quickly. (Adverbial clause of time, adverbial clause of manner)
4. He was very pleased that you have passed. (Adverbial clause of place, adverbial clause of reason)
5. He failed because he did not work hard. (Adverbial clause of reason, adverbial clause of place)


  1. adverbial clause of time
  2. adverbial clause of place
  3. adverbial clause of time
  4. adverbial clause of reason
  5. adverbial clause of reason

Q.H) Mark the sentences as correct or incorrect. Put a comma to make the sentence correct.

1. BecauseAliyamissedherschoolbusshewaslateforherschool. .
2. After Kalim comes home he will take you to the book shop.
3. The class will have the swimming lesson if the instructor comes tomorrow.
4. When it rains I ‘ll bring an umbrella to school.
5. Although Mr. Asif was sick, he went to work.


  1. Because Aliya missed her bus, she was late for her school.
  2. After Karim comes home, he will take you to the bookshop.
  3. The class will have a swimming lesson if the instructor comes tomorrow.
  4. When it rains, I ‘ll bring an umbrella to school.
  5. Although Mr. Asif was sick, he went to work.

Writing Skills

Q.A) Write a paragraph on “Effects of Land Pollution on Human Health”

Land pollution is considered kinds of one of the disastrous form of pollution that has adverse effects on the health of the living beings. It can be defined as “the destruction of the earth’s surface by such activities of man that may exploit land resources.” Even knowing the harmful consequences of land pollution, we are not paying that much attention to the issue which is indeed required by us on an urgent basis to save the planet Earth and its residents. 

Any sensible individual can simply correlate land pollution with human health. A list of syndromes is associated with the particular issue such as problems related to human respiratory system, it can be responsible for skin diseases, and it can be a great source of causing various kinds of cancers.  The lethal resources that pollute the soil can get into the human body directly by coming into contact with the skin, breathing in polluted dust or particles,  being washed into water resources like reservoirs and rivers and eating fruits and vegetables that have been grown in polluted soil.

All of us are aware of the reality that the damage being done to the motherland is irreversible but if we put our heartfelt efforts to show our reverence towards it, we should stop land pollution from our homes, this will definitely work on a large-scale saving of the earth.

Q.B) Write an application to the principal of your school for arranging separate bins for dry waste (plastic, glass, paper).

The Principal,
Government School,
Subject: Application for Arranging Separate Bins for Dry Waste

Respected Madam,
It is stated that I want to put forward a proposal with respect to the waste disposal issue. Yesterday in science period we had a discussion on the most alarming and thought-provoking matter of the present time i.e. 3 R’s (Recycling, Reuse, Reduce) and Solid waste disposal.
After that we all realized in order to have a safe, clean and fine-looking environment, it is imperative that we should have bins at every nook and corner of the locality. In this way, people would be aware of their responsibility of throwing garbage in the bins. With respect to school, we should fix separate bins for different types of materials like plastic, wood, paper, glass etc. As a matter of fact, some materials can be reused and recycled. So, if we divide the garbage into sections, it would be easier to reuse and recycle the materials. Through this action, an awareness program can also be initiated among the students of all the grades about the proper waste disposal activity.
I hope you would act upon the proposal soon and install separate bins for dry waste in the school on an urgent basis.

Yours obediently,
Dated: December 4, 2015

Q.C) Write a letter to the Executive Officer Environmental Protection Agency in your city, informing him about the irregular collection of solid waste in your area.

Examination Hall
City A.B.C
December 7, 2015

The Executive Officer
Environmental Protection Agency
Subject: Irregular Collection of Solid Waste

Dear Sir
It is to inform you that being the resident of one of the aristocratic area of Islamabad for the past fifteen years; I am confronting an immense problem related to the irregular collection of solid waste.
Some months back it was not an issue; the other residents and I were quite relieved to see your team performing a marvelous job in collecting and disposing of the solid waste on time. But then, I do not know why the collection team started showing irresponsible behavior in collecting solid waste from our area. Irregular collection of solid waste forced the residents to throw garbage out of their homes which in turn creates a filthy ambiance, stinking air, and a perfect habitat for mosquitoes and other harmful bacteria.
Kindly ensure timely and regular collection of solid waste from our area so again we can have a clean and healthy environment to live in. Hoping for a favorable response soon.  

Yours Sincerely

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