islamiat 9 class notes chapter 3 short question in english medium

Islamiat 9 class Notes Chapter 3 short question in English medium

Obligation to acquire knowledge and its Excellence Islamiat 9 class Notes Chapter 3 short question in English medium.

Islamiat 9 class Notes Chapter 3

Q.1) Quote the teachings of the Holy Quran in regard to the obligations to acquire knowledge.

In the regard to the obligation to acquire knowledge Holy Quran Allah sent first revelation to Holy Prophet (PBUH) was:
“Read: In the name of Allah Who created. He created man from clot of blood. Read: And thy Lord is the most Bounteous. He Who taught by the pen. He taught man that which he knew not.”
It is important for a Muslim to acquire knowledge because he cannot lead a successful life without showing proficiency in different branches of knowledge. In Holy Quran Allah says:
“Among His devotes, those truely fear Allah who have knowledge.”
Knowledge is a means to greatness and exaltation. Those who have knowledge are closer to Allah. A learned man and ignorant man are not equal in the eyes of Allah. The Holy Quran says:
“Can those who know and those who do not know be equal?” In this regard to the people who are enlightened with faith the Holy Quran says:
“Allah will exalt those who believe among you and those who have knowledge, to high ranks.
Islam asks the believers to set off for seeking knowledge and acquire it from all sources.

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Q.2) What is the importance of acquiring knowledge in the light of the sayings of the Holy Prophet(SAW).

There is a say of Holy Prophet (PBUH) that seek knowledge is the duty of every Muslim (male and female). Without knowledge you can not translate your idea into action.
The Holy Prophet (PBUH) once said to himself:
“I have been sent as a teacher.”
In order to raise his knowledge, Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to recite the prayer.
“O my Lord! Add to my knowledge.”
Before the advent of Islam there were a few people who could read and write. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) advised the Muslims to get themselves educated and increase their knowledge. In the battle of Badr, the Muslims caught some non-believers as the prisoners of the war. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) made it a condition that a prisoner must teach ten children of Muslims to read and write in order to get freedom. He also said:
“Knowledge and wisdom is the lost wealth of a believer. He must try to acquire it whenever he finds it because he deserve it most.”
Islam emphasizes to disseminate knowledge to others. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said:
“If you listen even a single verse recited by me, convey it to others.”
On the occasion of his last pilgrimage, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said:
“One who is present, he should convey my teachings to the person who is not here.”
There is no restriction of age of acquiring knowledge. He said:
“Acquire knowledge from cradle to grave.”
The Holy Prophet (PBUH) also said:
“A believer never loses his desire for acquiring more knowledge till he reaches the Paradise.”
Once the Holy Prophet (PBUH) entered a mosque. In the mosque there were two groups. One group included men who were repeatedly invoking Allah’s name. The other group included men who had taste for learning and acquiring more knowledge. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) praised the two groups and then participated in the gathering the members of which were showing interest in learning and acquiring knowledge. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) commented that the second group showing love for learning and knowledge was better than the first one. Once the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: “Whenever you have a chance to pass through paradise gardens, you should take full advantage of them. ” The companions of Holy Prophet (PBUH) asked, “What are the paradise gardens?” “These are the gatherings of learning,” said the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

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Q.3) Describe the importance and excellence of knowledge in the light of Quran and Hadith.                                                                                                                    

The importance and excellence of knowledge are evident from from traditions:
1. Seek knowledge; seeking knowledge is a virue.
2. The desire for knowledge is devotion to Allah.
3. To be busy in seeking knowledge is to gorify Allah, and to discuss the matters of learning is to make a struggle in His way.
4. To impart knowledge to others is to make sacrifice in the way of God.
5. Knowledge is a companion in loneliness, a guide in poverty and prosperity, a sympathizing friend and the best companion at all times.

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