English Class 9 Notes Chapter 5 The Madina Charter

English Class 9 Notes Chapter 5 The Madina Charter, question, writing, sentences, and essay. 9th class English notes pdf and guide.

English Class 9 Notes Chapter 5 The Madina Charter

A) Answer the following questions:

Why did the Holy Prophet (SAW) abolish the tribal distinction in Medina?

The Holy Prophet ﷺ abolished the tribal distinction in Medina in order to create harmony and cooperation.

What did the UN adopt unanimously?

The General Assembly of the United Nations unanimously adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

How do we know that Islam is the protector of Human Rights?

We know that Islam is the protector of Human Rights as the clauses of the Madina Charter were incorporated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the UN.

Define the tolerance and give examples from the text.

Tolerance is the ability to accept and be kind to those who possess different qualities and lead a different lifestyle from us. Following are the examples of tolerance from the text:
The Medina Charter, because of its rule of accepting people of other religions and letting them practice their faith freely.
Quaid-e-Azam’s quote, in which he said that all people of Pakistan are equal citizens of the state regardless of their caste or creed.
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with its emphasis on freedom to practice one’s own religion and the right to live a life without being discriminated against.

We must always honor our words. Why?

We must always honor our words because they are a promise. They represent who we are and gives a measure of our trustworthiness.

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Write an account of an act of tolerance you have shown/seen

An account of tolerance that I have seen was when I was on my way to school on a summer morning. The day was quite hot, and everyone was frustrated and irritable. Our car stopped at a signal. Suddenly, I heard a loud crashing noise.

Alarmed, I turned to look out the window and discovered that the car beside ours had been crashed into by another one. The rear bumper of the first car was quite damaged. The owner of the car was somewhat upset at first – an older man, likely on his way to work — but he forgave the driver of the other car. It was a young man who apologized profusely for his mistake. The older man patted the other man on his shoulder and just told him to be careful in the future. It was an astonishing act of forgiveness and tolerance that I probably will never forget.

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C) Use the following words in sentences of your own.

  1. harmony
  2. abolish
  3. tyrannized
  4. trivial
  5. tolerance
harmonyWith the efforts of the leader, the people of the tribe lived in harmony.
abolishThe government is planning to abolish subsidies to farmers.
tyrannizedThe dictator tyrannized over the whole country.
trivialIt’s a trivial matter and not worth fighting about.
toleranceMany old people have a very limited tolerance to cold.

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