English Class 9 Notes Chapter 2 for kpk

English Class 9 Notes Chapter 2 for kpk comprehension, short question, excersice, long question, writting, and grammer.

English Class 9 Notes Chapter 2


How is the youth standard-bearer of a nation?

The youth of any nation is its standard-bearers, as their energy, if channelized in a proper direction, can bring a great change in the social, economic, and political condition of the nation.

According to Iqbal how can the youth change themselves?

According to Iqbal, the youth can change themselves by becoming their own emperors. He expresses that if a man becomes emperor of himself then he can lead the world in his own direction. He was aware of the fact that if the youth of the Ummah had structured their real destiny, then they could have led the Muslims of the Subcontinent out of the pit earlier than they did.

Read the 3rd paragraph and write down the key idea.

The youth of Iqbal is a man of great character. He is determined and straightforward. He is like the Shaheen (eagle). He is an explorer, an adventurer, and seer. Iqbal’s Naujawan pursues intellect and is willing to explore undiscovered areas of life. His youth is a man of independence and self-awareness.

What is the main idea of the lesson?

The main idea of the lesson, Iqbal’s Message to Youth, is the description of the kind of youth Allama Iqbal wished to see for the Muslim nation. His youth possesses the traits that the Shaheen (eagle) symbolizes.

According to Iqbal, the youth shouldn’t confine themselves to material achievement? Express your view on this statement.

Allama Iqbal is correct about youth confining to material achievement. In order to live the best life, to serve one’s nation, the youth must be dynamic. He must not limit himself to material achievement and the joys of it.


A) Discuss Iqbal’s youth with reference to today’s Pakistani youth. Write a paragraph of at least 100 words.

Iqbal’s youth possesses the qualities of the majestic bird, the eagle. He is an explorer, an adventurer, and seer. He is ambitious and strives to fly higher and higher to explore the undiscovered parts of life. He is in pursuit of intellect and creativity. Iqbal’s youth is a dynamic man who does not limit himself to material achievement and its joys and seeks innovation.

On the other hand, the Pakistani youth of today, while possessing similar traits in some areas of life, is mostly different from Iqbal’s youth. Although he is ambitious, his goals are focused on material achievement. Few have the desire to explore the world’s possibilities for the sake of knowing. But the Pakistani youth has always been influenced by Iqbal and strives to become the youth he described in his works.

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D) Look at the mind-map below and describe youth from Iqbal’s perspective.

English Class 9 Notes Chapter 2 for kpk
English Class 9 Notes Chapter 2 for kpk

Youth, in the eyes of Iqbal, is enthusiastic in action. He is motivated and active for his desires and goals. His youth is knowledgeable and an intellectual, possessing immense knowledge.

He is highly optimistic and always sees the best side of things, never losing hope. Iqbal’s youth is pure in both his thoughts and feelings. He holds no grudges and always keeps his conscience clear of any negativity. The youth in the eyes of Allama Iqbal represents the nation with his behaviour and mindset.

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