english class 9 notes chapter 10 for kpk

English Class 9 Notes Chapter 10 for kpk

English Class 9 Notes Chapter 10 for kpk board.

Grade 9 english notes for kpk boar Comprehension, Vocabluary, Write an essay on any specific discovery of the 21st century and grammars.


What is the role of technology in daily life?

Technology is playing a vital role in our lives. Every activity of humans is now dependent on technology whether it is related to the kitchen, home, office or business. In everyday life, we are using and becoming more and more dependent on technological equipment or gadgets such as mobile phones, i-pads, laptops etc. Even in our kitchens, we are making good use of technology by using juicers, blenders, microwave ovens etc.

Discuss how you use technology at home and in your personal life.

We are using technology in our homes in the form of television, microwave oven, internet, computer, laptops, mobiles, vacuum cleaners etc. In one’s personal life, people are using technology through the internet, mobile phones, laptops etc.

How does technology help transportation?

Technology has greatly improved the transportation system. AS time is very precious so every one of us wants to utilize it to the fullest, therefore, people want to reach their destination in less time. The invention of cars, trains, planes and ships give a boost to the transportation system. It becomes such a necessity that some people think of advanced technology in transportation just like food or shelter.

What is the importance of technology in agriculture?

Technology has played a significant role in the field of agriculture. With the help of latest advancement in agriculture and due to the newly emerging field of biodiversity, scientists can determine the climatic changes that favour various plants, they are now in a position to grow crops in a desert and also such plants that can survive in drought conditions. That’s not all, through genetic engineering scientists are introducing new traits into existing genes to make the crops resistant to droughts and pests.

How is technology being used to generate cheap electricity?

Technology has given an upper hand to mankind that enables him to generate electricity by using natural resources such as the sun, water and wind. People are now able to build large dams to store excess water which is used to generate power later on.

Apart from this, by making positive use of technology people have developed the system of windmills that help to generate electricity just by using the power of the wind. The solar system is an example of the latest technological advancement in generating cheap electricity. In such a system, the energy of the sun is stored in solar panels that help to run many of our electrical appliances and gadgets at homes or offices.

What is the impact of technology on medicine?

The impact of technology on medicine is great. Doctors and scientists are in a better position to discover new medicines to cure various diseases. Furthermore, several modern electronic types of equipment are developed that not only improve the quality of treatment people get at medical institutions but also help the doctors in discovering most health problems while they are still in the developing phase. The more early they know about the disease, the more efficiently they can give proper treatment to the deceased and thus can save the lives of many in no time.

Does technology impact culture and society? How?

Yes, technology has a direct and positive impact on culture and society. Through the effective use of technology, people are now able to efficiently communicate with one another, they can cover huge distances in less time, they can grow crops under severe conditions of drought etc. For societal advancement, technology has helped it a lot in making progress at a fast pace and it allowed us to reach the new heights of advancement that people were unable to imagine years before. If there is no technology, both the culture and society seem to be stagnant and no progress can be made in any walk of life.


C) From the text look up the phrases meaning the same as:
genetic modification
store water

genetic modification: introduce traits into existing genes
store water: 
to build large dams 
communication a notch higher as people can network easily

D) Consult a thesaurus and find out the antonyms of the following words.

  • store
  • desert
  • friend
  • delay
  • benefit

store: scarcity, use
fertile, productive
 enemy, foe
hurry, speed, rush
disadvantage, the drawback


E) Write an essay on any specific discovery of the 21st century.

Robotic Body Parts
—- Great Scientific Discovery of 21st Century
Science and technology bring advancement in almost every walk of human life. It can easily be seen in various fields such as communication, transportation, agriculture, medicine etc. A great number of scientific discoveries and inventions of modern times help in giving the title of “scientific century” to the 21st century.

Among many other great scientific discoveries, I would like to mention here the most sensitive one i.e. the invention of robotic body parts. It seems very different to many but this invention has given hope to many disabled individuals, stroke survivors and elderly people of our times. This awesome invention came into existence with the help of biomechanics and engineering. This unique field of study helps scientists to devise robotic body parts.

The University of Twente is the one that developed robotic arms. This kind of arms can aid those individuals who are affected by Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This will allow patients to amplify residual function in the arm. Robotic body parts can help the wounded military personnel who are the unfortunate ones to lose any of their body parts while participating in wars or surviving under difficult climatic conditions.

That is not all; today scientists are studying the viability of making these robotic body parts or exoskeletons controlled by the mind to help disabled individuals. In the nutshell, robotic body parts help give hope to the disabled ones and in this way this invention must be a great one.

F) Develop a mind map and write down the summary of the lesson “Technology in Everyday Life”

Technology has made the lives of the present generation easy and comfortable. We are now depending more and more on technology than ever before.

The latest advancement in the field of technology provides many benefits to the users in every field of life from medicine to communication, information to transportation, agriculture to power generation and so on. For medicine, several electronic types of equipment are developed that are helping the doctors and scientists to discover health problems and provide proper treatment to the patients in time to save their lives.

Communication is another field that has allowed the people to be in contact with their near and dear ones through the latest inventions in just no time such as the internet, e-mail, cellular phones etc. Due to technological advancement, people can easily save and retain their data on various storage devices such as compact disks, microchips etc. Prior, data was saved in written form and it was really difficult to keep it safe. Now people can develop their passwords and codes to store confidential information.

Technology has given a boost to the field of agriculture with the introduction of new disciplines such as agricultural biotechnology and genetic engineering. With the help of these, scientists are now able to grow crops not only in deserts but in areas that are suffering from drought. Apart from this, agriculturists can introduce new traits to the existing genes.

People are also making positive use of technology for generating electricity at cheap rates by using wind, water, and solar energy. Modern technological advancement in the field of transportation has given a chance for people to travel long, tiring distances in less time. Technology has transformed our culture and society and it also brings positive change in both that was difficult to imagine years before.


Identify the phrases in the following sentences and state their kind.

Q.1) He was a man of great wealth.

of great wealth. (adjective phrase)

Q.2) The principal was an old man of friendly disposition.

of friendly disposition. (adjective phrase)

Q.3) The workers belonged to a tribe dwelling in the hills.

in the hills. (adjective phrase)

Q.4) There I met a boy with red hair.

with red hair. (adjective phrase)

Q.5) Only a man with plenty of money can buy a car of such beauty and power.

with plenty of money and of such beauty and power. (adjective phrases)

Q.6) He was a young man of great promise.

of great promise. (adjective phrase)

Q.7) He wore a turban made of gold.

made of gold. (adjective phrase)

Q.8) He ran with great speed.

with great speed. (adverb phrase)

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