Bise Lahore Class 9th English Notes Chapter 9

Bise Lahore Class 9th English Notes Chapter 9 All is not Lost Matric (Science with Biology) Lahore Board, Punjab board | Grade 9 Short & long question.

Q.1) Why did the nurse ask Hira’s sister to come and talkto her?

The nurse asked Hira’s sister to come and talk to her because she thought that the voice of near and dear ones might activate her nearly dead neurons.

Q.2) Why did the nurse disagree with the doctor’s point of view?

The nurse disagreed with the doctors’ point of view because she thought that leaving a patient unattended was not right. A chance should be given to the patient. She thought that her full attention could make her patient recover. The patient should be given a chance.

Q.3) Why did the nurse ask herself the question: “Was it worthwhile to oppose and fight the decision of senior and more qualified surgeons?”

The nurse wanted to save the life of the girl who was declared as a hopeless case by the senior doctor. The nurse wanted to give the patient a chance. She went against the decision of the authority and risked her job. But at the same time, she was in a confused state of mind and asked herself if it was worthwhile to oppose and fight the decision of senior and more qualified surgeons.

Q.4) Describe some qualities of the nurse in the story.

The nurse in the story is very sincere to her job and towards her patients. She is kind-hearted and caring to such an extent that she feels the pain of the injured and people with severe disorders quite well. She is very intelligent that she does her best to save the life of a girl who is declared as a hopeless case by the senior doctors. She is hopeful and optimistic that she risks her own job to save the life of the girl. She is very proud of her profession.

Q.5) Why did the nurse say: “Where there is a will there is a way”?

The nurse said it because she was determined to save the life of a girl. In spite of the fact that her senior doctor asked her to leave the hopeless case, her sincerity and determination brought her success at the end.

Q.A) Write a summary of the story in your own words retelling the nurse’s struggle and how the problem was solved 

This narrative is all about the sincere efforts of a nurse who worked in the Intensive Care Unit of the neurology ward of the hospital. She wanted to help those who lost their hope for living a healthy life again while suffering from severe neurological problems. Hira was a victim of a bus accident. Rahila, the nurse wanted to help that girl to recover as soon as possible.

It seemed quite difficult to others to bring her to a normal healthy life that’s why her colleagues and senior doctors cracked jokes on her and advised her to stop taking care of Hira and let her stay in such a miserable condition forever. She wanted to fight for her because she had a special sympathy for the patient. So she discussed the matter with the senior nurse but she said the doctor-in-charge want to shift the girl to the general ward as the chances of her recovery were low. Hira’s family made a request to her so she put all her efforts and was successful in keeping Hira in ICU.

She worked really hard on Hira’s exercises but she was not showing much progress. But one day Hira was able to raise her little finger and that showed a ray of hope to Rahila. Then Rahila was sent to Karachi for a three months’ training course. When she returned she saw Hira’s bed vacant. She was in a state of shock, then someone patted on her shoulder and that person was none other than Hira who was standing on crutches with a smile on her face. That was the moment of intense relief for Rahila as her efforts and determination were fruitful in bringing Hira to her normal life.

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