Bise Lahore Class 9th English Notes Chapter 8

Bise Lahore Class 9th English Notes Chapter 8 Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening All is not Lost Matric (Science with Biology) Lahore Board, Punjab board | Grade 9 Short & long question.

Q.1) Who is the speaker in the poem ? 

The speaker in the poem is the poet himself, who is riding the horse. 

Q.2) Whom does the speaker refer to in the first stanza of the poem ?

The speaker refers to the owner of the wood in the first stanza. 

Q.3) Why does the speaker stop on ‘the darkest evening of the year’?

The speaker stops on ‘the darkest evening of the year’ because the woods look dark, deep, and lovely on a snowy evening.

Q.4) Why does the horse impatiently await the next move of his master?

The horse impatiently awaits the next move of his master as there is no farmhouse nearby. It would not get any food or rest. It is also afraid that he might have made some mistake.

Q.5) The speaker in the poem is captivated by the beauty of nature. Why doesn’t he stop  for long to enjoy nature’s beauty ?

The poet in the poem is captivated by the beauty of woods. They are dark, deep and lovely. Although the poet enjoys the beautiful scene but he cannot stay there for long because he has made promises. He has some tasks to accomplish before he goes to bed.

Q.1) Underline the words and phrases that depict clear imagery in the poem 

Visual: woods, his house is in the village, fill up with snow, between the woods and frozen lake, darkest evening of the year,  lovely, dark and deep.
Auditory: harness bells, of easy wind and downy flake.

Q.A) Summarize the poem “ stopping by the woods on a snowy evening”

This poem was written by Robert Frost on the theme of winter associated with loneliness, peace, and death. The speaker was traveling with his horse and then he stopped by the woods close to the neighbor’s house. He was quite enchanted with the snowflakes and the tranquility of his surroundings. All of a sudden his horse became curious about their stay as he found no farmhouse nearby.  According to the speaker, it was the darkest evening of the year between the woods and the frozen lake. The horse rang his harness bells so to ask a question from his master. The surrounding was engulfed with so much serenity that one could only hear the sound of the chilly wind and the snowflakes falling down from the gloomy sky. The speaker found himself in love with the beauty and calmness of the ambiance around him but he had to keep his promise to return back to his home before sleep time and he knew the fact very well that it will take miles to reach his home so he made a decision with a heavy heart to go back to his home.

Q.B) Write an essay contrasting living in the city with living in the country 

One can simply say that there is no match between city and country life. If you are a nature lover, you would definitely prefer to live your life in a peaceful, serene and beautiful scenario of the countryside. On the other hand, if you have a desire to have facilities, luxuries and hustle bustle in your life, you must go ahead for the city life.  
First keeping city life in mind, money is considered the most important thing for the people leading a city life as they have to fulfill their worldly desires and requirements. In this race, sometimes they leave behind their relationships as well. In cities, people can easily get a quality education and can have better job opportunities. People living in cities are more prone to catch diseases because of pollution, noise and unhealthy foodstuff.
Country life focuses more on relationships than on money. People are simple in nature and love to do farming and cattle breeding. They have no lust for facilities and luxuries that’s why the crime rate is quite low in the countryside. The dark side of country life is the non-availability of quality education, fewer medical facilities, and fewer job opportunities.
Although both lives have their own advantages and disadvantages, one cannot deny the strong bonding between the two.  

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